50+ Job Seekers in MA
Statewide Networking Group

Funding provided through the Executive Office of Elder Affairs

The 50+ Job Seekers in Massachusetts program was created for the “forgotten job seekers” – those in the 50+ demographic who find themselves:

  • unemployed for the first time in their lives and experiencing self-doubt about the future
  • unemployed at just the wrong time [college tuition, equity line, child’s wedding debt]
  • under-employed and cobbling together several part–time jobs to make ends meet
  • retired, but unfulfilled in their retired lifestyle
  • retired, but not able to afford to be fully retired and needs to work
  • trying to re-enter the workforce after a lengthy employment gap

All of these individuals, regardless of the circumstances, are all dealing with the issues of age discrimination during their job search /employment process in addition to all of the challenges that anyone in career transition faces: stress, anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, self-doubt, lack of purpose, concern about the future.

Current statistics confirm that at least 85-90% of all jobs are found through networking – and this program is founded on the critical principle that if you are a job seeker and you are not networking, you are not looking for a job. Unfortunately, most job seekers, especially those in the 50+ demographic, don’t network, either because they don’t know where to start- they don’t know how to network – and, in general, most people just feel uncomfortable networking. Networking is the key to a successful job search campaign, and LinkedIn is the most powerful networking tool available to all job seekers [and it’s free]!

The 50+ program provides 50+ job seekers with robust materials, strategies, content, and guidance to network and navigate their way through a successful job search. We teach them how to network successfully and how to use LinkedIn as an effective job search, networking and research tool during their career/life transition. We help them to overcome ageism embedded in the on-line application process and show them how to create a resume and elevator speech to combat age stereotypes.

All groups meet in a professional and comfortable setting at a designated host site (or on Zoom) and all meetings are led and facilitated by an experienced career coach or HR professional. Our meetings are biweekly, 1 1/2 hour sessions, with the beginning of the session dedicated to guided networking and the remainder to a workshop-style presentation on a session topic of the day, directly related to job search skills and strategies [eg., resume, elevator speech, LinkedIn, networking, interviewing, etc].

Now in our 8th year of offering this vital program, we have many success stories and testimonials of gratitude from those who have attended the program!

If you are interested in attending one of our meetings, please be sure to pre-register. For additional information, contact 50plusjobseekersadmin@mcoaonline.com.