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I have landed a job!  I’ll be on the networking call Wednesday morning, so I can tell my story of patience and persistence, but here’s the short version: Back in August, an external recruiter found me on LinkedIn and helped get me an interview for a contract position as Web Content Specialist with Analog Devices. He thought I had a good chance and the interview seemed to go well, but I didn’t get the position. Then in November I saw a similar position advertised (same title but permanent), so I contacted the hiring manager directly to see if it was in her group and asked if she would recommend that I apply.  She said yes I should apply, so I did, and then went through a phone screen and three rounds of interviews.  They gave me a verbal offer in December, but the holidays slowed down the process.  I finally got the formal offer last week and will be starting on February 1st. Peter N

That workshop with Stephan felt like a game changer to me. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to witness what he presented, and I am determined to integrate the concepts of Simplicity with more attention dedicated to brevity. Thanks again! Laura C

Thank you MCOA for funding the 50+ Job Seekers group for another set of sessions, with a special thanks to Susan Drevitch Kelly for securing the funding and to Melody Beach for her spot-on coaching and sharing useful websites. The extra sessions of G2G (Give To Get) have afforded us additional opportunities for targeted networking, interesting conversations, and a head-start on the homework assigned to us. Very helpful and very much appreciated. Laura N

On a personal note, I want to thank you for all your efforts securing the MCOA funding to enable the program and the outstanding line-up of speakers and topics you have put together. The high quality content, relevant topics along with the networking activities for 50+ Job Seekers participants were all very helpful and useful in my search. In addition, the program is enhanced by an excellent line-up of subject matter expert speakers and strengthened by the combined skills and expertise of your program leaders in Ed Lawrence and Melody Beach. In short, you are providing a very critical resource that addresses a very important need – supporting the 50+ Job Seekers in rejoining the workforce and it is very well done!  Anthony M

I wanted to thank you again for the interview prep assistance- every little bit helped.  It was a very long search process and I needed the support of an extended network and the development of new skills.  Greg L

Thanks for organizing an amazing series of events for the 50+ community. All the sessions have been well thought out and executed. The networking breakout rooms are invaluable. Looking forward to more! I’m an engineering pro, business expert, improving products. All the best, Joanne W

I’m back on track looking for inspiration, training and work. There’s hope and that’s greatly because of the 50+ workshops. I’ve been inspired to go to a school reviewing and keeping me focused on starting my own business via the internet. I, at my age, am not willing to wait and I am determined to work. Every time I attend, I see I’m on the right track as you mention and outline a lot of the tools needed to think outside of the box. I’m looking for part time work so I can focus on my new business. This world may be turned upside down, but, I’ll not be discouraged.  Thank you and your team for such info and inspiration.  I’ll see you at the next workshop.  Sincerely, Leigh M

Hope this finds you feeling well and well-supported. Just need to let you know that the work you are doing here is deeply appreciated and highly meaningful to me. My experience of these sessions is life-affirming. Thank you!  Glad and grateful,  Laura C

I wanted to let you know that I started a new position on January 11th. Thank you and all who have provided me and others with information, training (Coursera & workshops) and most importantly support. I never thought I would get a job at 60+, in my field (marketing /graphic design) during a pandemic. I just wanted to let you know what you do makes a difference. Thank you. Jane A.