50+ Job Seekers in MA

Statewide Networking Groups

Funding provided through the Executive Office of Elder Affairs

Virtual Meeting Guidelines

Welcome to our virtual 50+ Networking Group program! We want you to enjoy your participation in these virtual meetings and insure that you benefit from your attendance. To get the most out of our on-line group coaching/networking sessions, please review the following guidelines:


Once you are registered for the program as a first time attendee [using the registration form on our website: www.50plusjobseekers.org] you will be placed on the email distribution list for the Group you registered for and will begin receiving notifications of upcoming biweekly sessions, along with an invitation to attend the next scheduled virtual meeting. [NOTE: If you have registered previously with the town that virtually hosts the session, there is no need for you to register again.]

IMPORTANT: You must register for each virtual session you would like to attend. Upon session registration, you will receive an invite and link to join the meeting. There is a limit to 30 participants for each session.

Upon joining the meeting, you will initially be placed in a “waiting room”, your registration will be confirmed and you will then ‘enter’ the meeting. Please be patient!! If there are 25-30 people all ‘arriving’ at the same time, it may take a few minutes for the CoF to move you into the meeting! We have dedicated the first 30 minutes to getting everyone checked in and moved into the meeting so don’t worry – you miss a thing! [see Welcome Period below]

Please understand that, although we would like to offer this program to as many people as possible [our goal!], the meeting room will be closed once we reach the maximum number of 30. As such, it is advised that you” join the program” as soon as the ‘door’ is open.

Disclosure: Any and all information provided by you during the registration process as well will during the session be treated with the utmost sensitivity and strictest confidentiality.

WELCOME PERIOD [First 30 Minutes]:

The first 30 minutes of the meeting will give everyone a chance to log in and join the Zoom meeting, get settled, chat with the Group Leader and Co-Facilitator, and get comfortable with this on-line venue. This will also be a ‘warm-up’ period to do some Informal Networking with other attendees. The room will remain ‘open’ during this Welcome period until the maximum is reached and the room is closed.


Because we are meeting in a virtual modality, our normal on-site ‘sign-in sheet’ will not be in use! It is imperative that we gather demographic metrics to be used by our funding partner [MCOA] to determine future funding for the program.

Group Leaders will be gathering some basic information from you at the commencement of the ‘formal’ session in the form of a POLL, fielding some simple questions to the group, the same questions which would have been asked on the Sign-In sheet used in our on-site meetings [pre-CV-19] to gather important demographics: first timer or returnee; employment status; good news to share since last session.

As already stated, any data gathered during the meeting will be held in the strictest of confidence.

More to follow shortly……………………….