Master Schedule

To All of our 50+ Job Seekers: There is no doubt that dealing with the continuing challenges of the coronavirus has created a major and unprecedented hurdles during the already challenging job search process.

We are excited to announce that, with the continuing support of MCOA and a new grant for FY21 from our funding agency, Executive Office of Elder Affairs [EOEA], we have been able to expand our programming to include a bimonthly 12-session, interactive Workshop Series, followed by 12 bimonthly G2G [“Give to Get”] Networking sessions, 1-1 Speed Coaching Sessions with one of our Career Coaches, and a fantastic series of Guest Speakers and Panel Events!

Please be advised that all Senior Centers and Libraries continue to be CLOSED. All sessions will continue be VIRTUAL via ZOOM until CDC Restrictions are removed.

If you are NEW to our program and interested in attending any of our upcoming workshops and events, you MUST register on our website in order to be placed on our master list of registrants for the program. Once you register, you will start receiving email notifications on all upcoming workshops and events.

NOTE: If you have already registered for the program, and currently receiving email notifications, you do not need to register again!

With our expanded programming, we are now able to offer our 12-session Interactive Workshop Series workshops on 3 different days/time blocks in an effort to provide guidance and support to as many job seekers as we can. Note that the session topic being presented will repeat on these three day/time slots. The options are as follows: Tuesdays: 10-12N; Fridays: 1-3pm; Mondays: 630-830pm

Here is the 50+ Job Seekers Workshop Series Schedule:

Session #1: Jan 12th; Jan 15th; Jan 18th:

  • Self-Assessment/Career Pathways/Ageism: Your Obstacle or Edge?

Session #2: Jan 26th; Jan 29th; Feb 1st: 

  • Develop your STARS: What’s your Hook?

Session #3: Feb 9th; Feb 12th; Feb 15th; 

  • Telling your Story using the STAR Technique: Elevator Speech 3.0

Session #4:Feb 23rd; Feb 26th; Mar 1st:

  • Your Resume is a Marketing Tool:  Summary Statement-Bullets

Session #5:Mar 9th; Mar 12th;’ Mar15th:

  • Resume – Part 2: Components of Resume Checklist-What’s Missing?

Session #6:Mar 23rd; Mar 26th; Apr 5th:

  • Creating a Robust LinkedIn Profile: Is it Proactive or Passive?

Session #7: Apr 9th; Apr 13th; Apr 19th:

  • Using LinkedIn as a Powerful Job Search Tool

Session #8: Apr 23rd; Apr 27th; May 3rd:

  • Creating a Marketing Plan for your Job Search: Do you have a Plan?

Session #9:May 11th; May 14th; May 17th:

  • Interview Preparation and Strategies

Session #10:May 25th; May 28th; May 31st:

  • Interview Practice Session

Session #11:June 7th; June 8th; June 11th:

  • Network your Way to a New Job: Strategies in a Virtual World

Session #12: June 21st; June 22nd; June 25th :

  • Think Outside the Box Panel Event: Gig it-Freelance-Start Business-Go Non-Profit!