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August 19, 2020 3:30 pm - 5:15 pm

As we closed out FY20, many of our 50+ group attendees began asking if there would be any sessions or events during the summer. You Spoke! We Listened! We are offering two events this summer, in July and August. Our intent is to continue to keep this vital program for our 50+ Job seekers going over the summer and provide a robust networking venue for you until we can resume our bi weekly programming sometime later in the Fall. These Zoom virtual events are Free! Limit to 100 attendees!

To Register: If you have already attended at least one session of the 50+ program at any of our 17 locations or at one of our May Town Hall events during FY20, you will receive an invitation from one of our Group Leaders to register and attend this July event.

If you are New to the 50+ program and have never attended any sessions, Registration is Required.  Please click on the link to register. You will required to make a selection for a Host Site; select Town Hall and complete the rest of the form. Upon receipt, you will receive an email with a link to attend the event. For additional information, please contact: Susan Drevitch Kelly, Founder/Program Director at susan@sdkelly.com.


Practice makes Perfect!

In this highly competitive job market, you want to be ready to ace your upcoming interview. With the pandemic ‘shutdown’ the vast majority of companies are using a virtual modality for the interview process. Interviewing in a virtual platform adds unique challenges beyond face-face interviews. This workshop will provide you with the practice you need to perfect your answers to common interview questions and get feedback from observers.

We will be using the Zoom Breakout Feature to divide attendees into small groups. We will provide some common interview questions for you and your group to tackle. Everyone in attendance will be given an opportunity to practice and perfect their answers!  We will all come back together in the ‘main hall’ for a final 15 minute Q&A and share what your group came up with for the ‘best answers to these common but challenging interviewing questions.

We look forward to seeing you!