50+ Job Seekers in MA
Statewide Networking Group

Funding provided through the Executive Office of Elder Affairs

The MassHire Metro North Career Centers provide customer-centered job search assistance to enable individuals to meet their training and employment goals. Also, our connections to businesses provide valuable information to keep you informed of the in-demand occupations in our region and how best to prepare for those opportunities. We are dedicated to connecting job seekers and employers, to meet the employment and career advancement needs of individuals and the workforce needs of businesses. Below are our current opportunities:


Digital Navigator https://careers.bostonabcd.org/Careers.aspx?req=2022-ET%2fY-057&type=JOBDESCR

Support Services Navigator https://careers.bostonabcd.org/Careers.aspx?req=2022-ET%2fY-060&type=JOBDESCR



Support Services Navigator https://careers.bostonabcd.org/Careers.aspx?req=2022-ET%2fY-059&type=JOBDESCR



Career Advisor Resource Room/Workshop Facilitator https://careers.bostonabcd.org/Careers.aspx?req=2022-ET%2fY-043&type=JOBDESCR

Support Services Navigator https://careers.bostonabcd.org/Careers.aspx?req=2022-ET%2fY-058&type=JOBDESCR

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