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NETWORKING WORKS! Your AGE really is your EDGE©!

Interactive Workshop Series

Our 12-session Interactive Workshop Series is offered on 3 different days/time blocks in an effort to provide guidance and support to as many job seekers as we can. The session topic being presented will repeat on these three day/time slots. The options are as follows: Tuesdays: 10-12N; Fridays: 1-3pm; Mondays: 630-830pm. REGISTRATION in our 50+ Program is REQUIRED to attend this interactive Workshop Series and our bimonthly G2G Networking Sessions.

For a one-time registration process, please go to the Registration tab on this website. 

Session #1: Jan 12th; Jan 15th; Jan 18th:

  • Self-Assessment/Career Pathways/Ageism: Your Obstacle or Edge?

Session #2: Jan 26th; Jan 29th; Feb 1st: 

  • Develop your STARS: What’s your Hook?

Session #3: Feb 9th; Feb 12th; Feb 15th; 

  • Telling your Story using the STAR Technique: Elevator Speech 3.0

Session #4:Feb 23rd; Feb 26th; Mar 1st:

  • Your Resume is a Marketing Tool:  Summary Statement-Bullets

Session #5:Mar 9th; Mar 12th;’ Mar15th:

  • Resume – Part 2: Components of Resume Checklist-What’s Missing?

Session #6:Mar 23rd; Mar 26th; Apr 5th; G2G #6-Apr 6th/10am:

  • Creating a Robust LinkedIn Profile: Is it Proactive or Passive?

Session #7: Apr 9th; Apr 13th; Apr 19th; G2G #7/Apr 20th/10am:

  • Using LinkedIn as a Powerful Job Search Tool

Session #8: Apr 23rd; Apr 27th; May 3rd; G2G #8/May 4th -10am:

  • Creating a Marketing Plan for your Job Search: Do you have a Plan?

Session #9:May 11th; May 14th; May 17th; G2G #9-May 18th -10am:

  • Interview Preparation and Strategies

Session #10:May 25th; May 28th; May 31st:

  • Interview Practice Session

Session #11:June 7th; June 8th; June 11th:

  • Network your Way to a New Job: Strategies in a Virtual World

Session #12: June 21st; June 22nd; June 25th :

  • Think Outside the Box Panel Event: Gig it-Freelance-Start Business-Go Non-Profit!