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by | Nov 26, 2018

If you have any additional questions, please contact us

Q. I  just attended my first meeting; how will I attend the next one and when exactly is it? Will I be automatically notified?

A. Did you register on our website to attend today’s event? If so you should be all set to receive our Constant Contact emails with link to all our workshop, networking sessions [G2G] and other events.

Q. I didn’t receive the link to join the session; please advise?

A. You needed to register for the event and would have received an autoreply with link via the Zoom system.

Q. I’m a new member of the group, am I able to hop onto the G2G or is it by invite?

A. If you have already registered for the program on our website, then you should have received our most recent Constant Contact communication which provides the recurring link for all of our workshops and G2G sessions.

Q. Will I be getting a separate email soon for the events scheduled for April that are on the events calendar? I wasn’t sure how to sign up for these other than the special events.

A. Once you have registered with the program on our website you will be placed on our master list for notifications of upcoming workshops and events. You should receive Constant Contact e-blast twice each month. Workshops and G2G are a recurring link. Special Events and Savvy Seeker Series require registration for each event.