Testimonials from Ipswich

by | Nov 21, 2019

Susan H. has been attending Meet-Up sessions and encouraged other members of the networking group to investigate and attend these meetings.

Christine H. landed a job as an instructional technologist. She got the job by using LinkedIn: saw the company looking at her; made changes to add ‘critical words’ to the resume based on discussions at the 50+ networking sessions; applied for the job; got the offer.

Carol B. has taken a new job as Assistant Director of Digital Marketing at Lasell College in Newton, MA. “While the 50+ Job Seekers Group did not play a direct role in me finding and landing this job, it helped me emotionally and professionally during the long job-search process.”

 Attendee of Ipswich 50+ Group: “Just a note of thanks…..  Being present, networking and trying something new all worked through your counseling and the input of others. I start tomorrow as a Relationship Banker”.

“Thanks again for your support. You were available at all times which was great. Keep me in mind for any testimonial or support of others going forward.”

 A.S. has reentered the legal profession after a 5 year absence due to caring for family members. “The 50+ Job Seekers was supportive and helpful in developing confidence and updating job search skills.”

Ellen T. has a new position as Visual Systems Integrator with an HVAC company. Ellen has found the skill building workshops of the 50+ Job Seekers helpful and continues to attend! “ The leadership team provides helpful info on current resources, direction, needed skills, guest speakers, support and encouragement.”

Warren was hired as a Facilities Manager by the Town of Ipswich. He attended the Ipswich 50+ Job Seekers Networking Group. He enjoyed networking and contributing to the 9 month workshop. Warren found the group supportive and appreciated the job search skills he learned. “Thanks for your support and enthusiasm.”


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Paul Valcour, Producer
Sheila Taylor, Director, Ipswich Council on Aging
Rita Badami, Co-Facilitator and member of the Board of Directors
Debbi Hope, 50+ Job Seekers Networking Group – Leader