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Susan Drevitch Kelly

Career Coach ◊ Career Transition Manager ◊ Life Coach ◊ Second Act Strategist◊ Corporate Mentor

  • With a BS–Summa cum Laude in Biology/Chemistry from Suffolk University, and an MS and Postgraduate Studies at Harvard University, Susan has been offering exceptional career and life transition mentoring & coaching services to private and corporate clients, as well as job seeker networking groups for over 35 years.
  • With the formation of S.D. Kelly & Associates in 1987, Susan quickly established herself as a premier and highly respected retained search consultant, career coach and mentor to clients throughout the country. Managing her global business in the retained search field for a 30+ year span, Susan’s base of knowledge and extensive network of professional contacts on a national and international scope within diverse industries provides her with the unique ability to leverage her long-standing business relationships on behalf of her coaching clients, provide them with networking access to valuable resources and assist them in desired transitions throughout their careers.
  • Susan works closely and compassionately with a diverse range of clientele:young professionals seeking guidance in their first major career change; retirees looking for their “Second Act” career or a rewarding volunteer post; 50+ job seekers trying to figure out how to overcome ageism; entrepreneurial job seekers looking to combine their passion with a profession and start their own business or consultancy practice; professionals desiring re-entry into the workplace after a lengthy career gap; and experienced professionals looking to advance in their career.
  • Susan creates Customized Modular Programs to assist her private coaching clients, both individuals and groups, in identifying transferable core competencies and marketable skills, creating realistic career pathways to pursue, and then developing and implementing the tools and strategies they need to successfully achieve their career/life goals and objectives.
  • After a complimentary 45 minute Uptake and Assessment of goals, needs, and challenges, a recommended program is provided. The typical career coaching program, whether for an individual or a group incorporates six primary modules:
      • Identification/Analysis of Transferable Core Competencies and Career Pathways based on areas of interest, work experience, current skills & functional expertise; possible career pathways are determined; potential markets, industries, and companies are identified.
      • Resume Development – your resume is tailored into a ‘reader-friendly’, results-oriented marketing tool which effectively showcases your strengths and goals, generates interest and targets the right decision makers.
      • Strategic Marketing Plan – based on your specific job search parameters and goals, a concise list of industries, companies & associated contacts targeted is developed. Daily and weekly deliverables are determined to assist you in achieving success.A tracking system is developed to determine progress on your deliverables and necessary adjustments to your marketing plan.
      • LinkedIn (LI) Profile Development – 85-90% of all jobs are found through networking; and, LI is recognized as the most powerful networking tool available! A robust and functional profile on LI is essential to any successful career transition. Using the experience of a retained search consultant for 35+ years, your LI profile will ‘reverse engineered’ to increase your visibility, generate interest and attract the ‘eyes’ of the recruiter/HR community. 
      • Networking Instruction & Strategy – a customized strategy & approach to networking is developed based on your unique career interests and goals. You will receive hands-on, workshop style instruction on how to maximize the use LI as a networking tool. Personalized referrals to appropriate networking contacts in target companies, recruiters, professional associations & networking groups in your areas of functional & industry specialization will be provided.
      • Interview Strategy, Preparation & Practice – extensive coaching in interview strategy for all possible scenarios: phone, one-on-one, group & arena style; this module includes a mock interview for a specific job which you have identified as a viable career option with immediate critique, feedback & analysis.
  • Beyond a structured, modular approach to coaching her clients, Susan also serves as an On-Demand Mentor and Life Coach working closely with clients on a number of common issues: strategies on achievable goal setting, both personal and professional; how to recreate yourself for the next phase of your personal or professional life; strategies for achieving a meaningful, balanced lifestyle of work, leisure and family demands; finding the True You, the role in life which will truly fulfill your goals and aspirations.
  • As a Second Act Strategist, Susan provide strategies and guidance to those clients who are seeking a “encore career”. Whether ‘displaced’ from a long term (20+ year) job, returning to the workforce after a lengthy employment gap (1+ years), realizing that a retirement ‘lifestyle’ is not fulfilling or affordable, or feeling ‘stuck’ in your career and looking to do something totally different, Reinvention is Possible©

  • With her in-depth understanding and ability to implement unique strategies to recruit passive, hidden talent for corporate clients, Susan has personally trained numerous research associates and recruiters for her team. She offers Corporate Coach/Mentor services to HR/Talent Acquisition professionals looking to gain an ‘inside edge’ in filling challenging openings. Susan shares best practices and strategies to provide corporate clients with an increased probability of success in fulfilling critical openings. Recruiting finesse is essential for success in attracting the right talent; traditional recruiting practices are just not effective for filling high priority requisitions in a timely and efficient fashion.
  • In addition to her private coaching practice, Susan serves as Program Director for the 50+ Job Seekers Regional Networking Groups, a program she conceptualized, developed and then launched in January 2016 with funding obtained from MCOA [Massachusetts Councils of Aging] operating within Governor Baker’s Executive Office of Elder Services. Susan is a strong advocate for the “Mature Worker” and this regional networking group program was conceived specifically to provide group coaching services and support to mature job seekers in the 50+ demographic facing the challenges of ageism/age bias along with the normal challenges of any job seeker. This program started with 3 pilot sites in FY15 and with additional funding each year, she has expanded the program to its current 17 locations throughout the State. Susan is now also licensing the program to interested new host sites or career coaches to insure the continued expansion of the program throughout MA.
  • Susan has been a popular Guest Speaker, workshop facilitator and panelist at numerous venues in recent years [MCOA Annual Conference, COAs, Suffolk University, DOVE, WIND, Wright Management] addressing topics such as Boomers to the Rescue: Creating a Blended Workforce;Dream your Way to Transformation; Goal Setting your Way to Change; ReInvention after 50 is Possible; Removing Obstacles to Transformation; Volunteerism as a Path to Employment; Pathway to Freedom: Financial Security; Employment: a Pathway to Purpose; Write Your Passion Play. She thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to speak to both large and small groups and is passionate about inspiring her audience to seek self-discovery and strive for transformation at any age.
  • Susan is passionately committed to Volunteerism and has been actively involved in a number of nonprofit initiatives: sitting on the Dean’s Advisory Council, School of Art & Sciences, Suffolk University for several years, Past President and former Board of Directors of MPPC, Board of Directors-State Ballet of Rhode Island; Lector at her local church; Volunteer with DOVE, Inc and New Hope, Inc as Job Counselor for victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence residing in shelter; MOVA Certified SafePlan Court Advocate for victims seeking restraining orders in the court systems of Bristol and Worcester counties. Susan moved to Scituate in January 2017 and has become an active member of the community, joining the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and FOSS (Friends of Scituate Seniors), serving as Lector and recently-elected member of the Pastoral Parish Council at St. Mary’s. Susan was also just recently appointed to the Board of Directors of the Scituate Council on Aging by the Board of Selectmen and will serve a 2-year term.
  • When Susan is not busy with her career coaching endeavors and volunteerism, you will probably find her on the ballroom floor. She has been competing in Pro-AM International Latin Ballroom throughout the USA with her professional dance partner, Jan Ondrias since 2014. Or, you may find her on her mat; Susan is a passionate practitioner of a daily meditation and yoga practice, and has completed 25 programs at Kripalu Yoga & Wellness Center in the Berkshires over the past seven years.