Ed Lawrence

by | Nov 7, 2019

Edward Lawrence is the founder and principal of Getstarted LLC (www.getstart-ed.com), through which he offers practical job-search advice, résumé-writing services, and coaching to help people gain meaningful employment or transition to a new career.

A certified technical trainer (Comptia CTT+) for over thirty years, Ed himself transitioned to coaching and soft-skills training by volunteering with agencies– including The Institute for Career Transitions and Career Collaborative—and studying with some of the best coaches in New England. He is a certified professional résumé writer (CPRW) and is certified in Myer-Briggs (MBTI), DISC and Skillscan. For over two and a half years he has facilitated a practice-interview group at the Framingham Public Library.

When not facilitating or presenting to networking groups, Ed assists private clients and works part-time as a career counselor at the Boston University Center for Career Development.