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The White Hawk Group, LLC (WHG) is a small, virtual company that provides outplacement services to companies and individuals nationwide. Our team has assisted tens of thousands of transitioning employees by delivering highly individualized, 1:1 career transitioning services for over 20 years. WHG takes a holistic approach with all of its clients and contractors, and ensures that ethic is maintained throughout its business practices. We have an excellent reputation in our field. https://www.thewhitehawkgroup.com/

The White Hawk Group (WHG) is seeking a highly-responsive, flexible Drupal contractor with the ability to offer site support remotely, on an ongoing basis, for our regular maintenance issues (installing security updates, managing quick fixes, etc.) and provide help with any potential future drama such as site failure or urgent ticket-item fixes (rare) and happier projects such as deploying feature improvements and additions as the need arises. Database integrity and client confidentiality is our #1 priority.
WHG is a completely virtual company that functions within a stable Drupal 9 environment, hosted by Pantheon. (Drupal is a free and open-source web content management system written in PHP. Pantheon is a WebOps platform that uses Google Cloud Platform.)  Our Drupal site is accessed via secure log-in from our public homepage* and houses the Client Resource Center (job search and career goal attainment info) and Dashboard with all administrative database/reporting tools (client records). The post-login site structure includes 2 themes; 4 roles with various permissions; an internal-use-only communication “Forum” that distributes email notifications of all new postings via Sendgrid; and Webforms that provide the basis for several of our client-to-coach interactivity tools. The webforms also distribute various emails via Sendgrid.
If you have questions or are interested and would like to submit your candidacy, please contact Deni Doherty at ddoherty@thewhitehawkgroup.com or call her at (312) 404-3364.
* WHG’s homepage and all public pages (thewhitehawkgroup.com) are in WIX and managed entirely by a WHG team member.